Friday, August 29, 2008

the best.. still

7 september 2008

a very memorable day for my coursemate aka good friend aka 7 flowers aka thursday(girl)..
it was her birthday and we planned a very memorable( i hope) birthday party and surprise for her.. well. the planning took not much time.. just a week or 2 i suppose.but, the effect was great.
knowing that it will be our mid sem break and all of us will be at home at that time, we planned a double party for her. 1st was in ktsn,ukm.. which was normal and brisk as it was last minute planning. but the second. was one that i was proud of.

most important.. was the guests that were invited on that day. it makes the party not only memorable for her but also meaningfull for me as i finally, after so many days, almost 2 months into uni, managed to group with my very intimate gang..

yean: hey, i'm sorry .. i gotta go back to um early. i can't celebrate birthday with
u.. sorry..
hc : never mind
hj : hey.. kt and chai could not come
hc : never mind
hj : haiz.. i failed to call any 183 to come again.. sorry
hc : never mind
hj : ur birthday only got me alison, ms and jo
hc : never mind

and then.. came the big day.. well.. i prefer to mention the day before the big day

that was one of my greatest day since i went into uni. the reason? simply. merely because qi hong and cher wei were here.. In ipoh !! with me.. awesome. my 183 gang. we are reunited again.. that night.. we went out for DOUBLE course of dinner. then late in the wee hours of the day.. we made a slide show. no.. something like a short movie. for our birthday girl.. slept at 4am.. wake up at 7am..

the short movie.. we creat it with tears dripping at my eyelid. as we insert those pictures we took in matrix one by one.. all the memorable events of 183 and 7 flowers flashed through my mind's eye once again..

one year.. it went by so fast. like a wind

the whole movie was about the beginning till the ending of our matrix life and our current life in uni.. 16 of us. all seperated into different uni in malaysis.. from the very north of penang till the very south of johor.. some even lost in action..

that night.. my heart pounded so softly as i flew myself back to kmm..

back to the main story.. the birthday party..
haha.. alright. it was like this. 8am. we gather in polo ground. 2 cars. 8 ppl..

one driven by the very lan yeng jacquez tan with sunglasses and spiky hair.
the other drove by the very demure alison lee with stunning look. (LOLX)

we gather at polo ground.. then i left them to find a nice location there..
i drove towards the birthday girl's mansion ..
when she sat in my car..
clearly. the disappointment was there..
what only u and alison?...haha. i think that was what crossed her mind.

when we reached the park again.. here came the game..
her duty. to find the people who will celebrate her birhtday with her..

and that blur girl..

her heart almost pounded out when she meet her friends.. nope. i mean our friends one by one.. 1st josephine. ok.. she knew she will be there..
then.. qi hong.. wow. happy. but she expected him too.
then come the surprise..
she was elated..
then, another big surprise..
choon yean!! she almost grinned her teeth out..
she thought she was back in um..
then ms too..
she didn't expcet these ppl to be around..

hope she was elated n blissfull...

then came the normal thing. song cake snacks..
but. the movie time..
we 3.. (183) watched the movie so touched till our tears almost fall... but they..
haha.. no word to describe them..

however... good times are always short..
time to go back.. i mean my 183 gang..
haiz.. the saddest moment is always the seperation part..

bid farewell to them... with very very heavy heart..

well.. this was no special thing as many birhtday parties amongst us were planned before this and ALMOST all were as successfull as grand as great as wonderfull as delightful as this..

but the vital point is.. our reunion.. huey chieng's birhtday reunites some of us. if not all..--> qi hong ,cher wei, hiang jin ,choon yean ,huey chieng ,josephine, mei sung.. at least we managed to gather even though we are from dirrerent uni.. oops. forget to mention our special guest ALISON too.. haha

brothers of 183... this time we may not be complete.. may not unite all of us..
but at least 3 of us meet. this was the best i could do . and i really appreciated your presence. it is not the party that matter but the reunion of us that touched me the most. i strongly believe.. one day in coming time, all of us can meet again and spend a whale of a time together..

just like what we did in our mv..( chai hong and tian tian de)

yup.. no doubt.. 183 still the best...kmm was never a regret to me.
even though i've regretted going into matrix b4 during my reign there...


yiLiaN said...

don't worry, non of the elements of this post hurt me.

joonyi said...

oh.. too bad i can't go.. (maybe it's a good thing, haha, with me around, sure it'll not be tat fun - YMCmember, haha)... good to know all of you having a good time..^^

alison said...

glad u guys din make me feel alienated tat day,n tat small movie was quite an achievement indeed!!
it gav me the chance to peep into u guys' previous lives n helped me to retrieve bac some of my own lil memories bac in kmm too...
it oso got me wondering how i came to the place where i was..err..squatting...
i mean when watching the video clip,i felt distant cuz i'd had my own life bac thn which had nth to do wif u all's...thn those ukm pic stroke in n it was like's such a miracle cuz our lives r finally somehow pulled together by an invisible n ivincible thread.....
anyway,tat day was fun!

alison said...

*invisible n invincible

hueychieng said...

hope i'm not too late here =)
it's all inside my heart
i couldn't find the best way to express them out

once a fren
forever my fren

jacquez said...

life is such a miracle revolving around you guys..