Monday, August 11, 2008

Time fliess.. indeed. Humans are always busy doing their work and carrying out their daily chores. But when you’re free for a single moment. Just only a single moment. And recollect every bit and pieces of your past. You’ll find there are many things you missed out in your pathway. Suddenly feel so free and relaxed. And decided to hear some music.. yet, it is always a nightmare every time he hear songs.
He has been struck by the sickness again. The same old sickness that struck him last year. It is such an amazing tale. He thought he has fully healed. But yet.. when wo ai ni ni shi wo de Juliet, wo yuen yi bian cheng ni de liang shan bo was played.. it breaks again. The scar split again and the pain was felt once more.不知道为什么,过了那么久,他还是会有这种感觉。可能,这是注定的吧。今天的他很空闲,听了音乐,就情不知经的流泪了。他曾经对自己说,不再痴心绝对,不再回想以前的一切。但,当歌曲一播时,不知从何方,眼泪就会掉落了。其实他也很奇怪,难道他对她还是念念不忘?没可能。事隔那么久了,原来第一的感觉是那么真实。那么长久的。这次回到怡保,人虽然有少少不同了。但,一切情景还在,回忆不管怎样都抹不掉的。有人对我说,痴心绝对不是一首感人的歌。但,每个人都有他的感性歌曲。梁山伯与朱丽叶,这首歌,有开心,也包含伤感。可能,到了今时今日,还是放不下。
We can adjust our watch. We can adjust our clock. But. Can we adjust out time? If you were given a chance to roll back your clock? When will you want it to be? 2007 .. I would like to go back to that year. From beginning , January.. I have plenty to do if I were given a chance.. tong hua.. qian li zhi wai.. without you in organ version..

Tears have never been flowing for such a long period of time.. but i can’t understand why he shed tears for so long just now.. he knew that the feelings are not there already. And that he had let it go. But why do tears still fall when the song is played? I really wanna know what is inside his heart.. virtually. He almost forgotten the name of the movie.. but he got it in just few seconds of thinking. Pulse.. maybe. Time will heal wounds but some wounds will stay for a long time..

Deep inside.. he wish her happy always..

4.30pm 10082008

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