Sunday, August 23, 2009


as the dawn approching, i felt a sense a vivid feeling that struck me all of a sudden, from nowhere...

night really brings us into the mood.. especially late nights..

read something somewhere.. and something out of nowhere appeared in my heart..

i felt.. that i'm lucky..

that is the word. lucky..

lucky to have you all beside me..

all these while..

striding through the patchy road in front of me.

climbing hills passing ravine..

try think of a situation..

you and your friend go out to a place to play.

a group of friend i mean..

and then. half of you went to a place..

the other half go to another place..

then all of you will meet in a restaurant for dinner...

so.. some will go there 1st definitely.. some will be late..

how about this...

a ask b to go there 1st to book the placa and sit there wait.. if not scare no place d...

then b says ok.. then a go enjoy himself.. themselves i mean..

then b wait.. wait.. wait.. wait.

clock ticks.. they waited..

and waited..

and waited..

1 hour gone..

1 hour and 7 minutes gone.

ok.. here is the question. if you are b .. what will you think and how is your reaction?

(a) angry, scold them

(b) angry but keep it.. keep quiet.

(c) ok with it but critisice them..

(d) ok with it but shoot them..

ya.. most ppl think d is the best answer..

but guess what happened...

a reached.. apologize profusely..... b reaction was...


u know what it means?


instead.. b just scare HE HAS TO LEAVE..

which means a cannot eat there..

great people speak greatly..

true friends speak for u...

thank you .. my friend..

p/s : next time try sing k la.. fun n crazy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

exam approaching..
ppl change like weather..
hot n cold..
gd luck everyone..
be happy ya..

Thursday, August 13, 2009




a good day came to an end with this..

became a wet chicken..

running down the street of kl..

no.. actually is lanyeng swirl down the streets of kl..

all wet.. I WANT A CAR.

and yesterday. ended up ALMOST have to walk back from fac to vistana again..

numerous times..

walking walkin walking..

even have to walk from ktsn to vistana..

at night..

i don want to get donation pls..


i want a car..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

lost in a sea of.....

as i gaze through the blazing blue sky...
i start wondering..
who am i..
what is my purpose in life..
i mean.. not i think i;m useless.
is what is my target..
days gone ..
i seemed to be deviating away from my principle..
my target.. my dreams..
the never say die commitment which once i say aloud everywhere..
i do not know what it is now..
i tried my best..
i pick myself up..
but it seemes like i am running away from my dreams..
not concept.. my principle.. my perception...
getting hatred..
getting jealous..
getting kia su...
i know ..
know deeply ..
that i'm changing..
into a creature i never want to...
why am i here..?
what is my target in life..?
life in ukm of course..
fight fight fight..
but ironically..
i'm not fighting for knowledge..
lost in my own sea of dread.. and greed..

thj.. you are lost..

Monday, August 10, 2009

searching petals and threes...

dusk approaching ..
and it comes again..
out from no where..
suddenly he felt emo again..
there is something..
but he can't find the cause..
he feels sleepy..
he feels kind of emo..

flashing back the years behind him..
there laid a wonderful story..
a full told story.
a fairytale..
or i would say..
a dream...

long has the dream gone..
and he has awaken for years..
and yet..
he still never forget the ever wonderfull dreams..

yes.. many think he is enjoying life now..
doing what he wants..
being with who he wants..
having everything he should have...

and yet...
noone knows.
deep inside...
he still can't erase it..
the momories...

tired.. he is tired..
just let it be..
let it go..
drifting away from himself..
he is a walking shadow.
a corpse without a soul..
where is his soul..

here is a strange place to him..
a stranger.. deserted in a wide coast..
coast to coast...
searching his soul..
meeting numerous devils...
but noone has the same feelings...
same ideology...
same petals of flowers..

where are those petals..
where are those threes...
where are those laughter..
where are those dreams...

a place he missed..
is a place..

where they shout aloud...
yong bu yan bai..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

friendship- never dies..

days slided through
months glided away
years passed by...
and so on..

we grew up..
learning the knowledge of life..
plodding through our hasty life..
slipping through days after days...
from the tender age...
till the ripen maturity ...

from the voice of immature crackling of a young boy..
till the coarse voice of the grown up young man..
we spent many times together..
ups and downs..
sweets and sours...
HAPPYness and sadness...
anger and despair..
dejection and disappointment..

from 153cm-183cm..
we grown up together..
picking up the threads of life...
going through the growing stage of our tender years....

youth 7 we joined..
one society.. one dream...
1A1 2c1 3c1 4s1 5s1...
we spent everytime together...

from tuition classes to society chores...
walking to tuition under the blazing sun..
singing in class ...
shouting command on weekends..
going to camps..
organizing activities..
scoring GOALS....
shouting JI JI.. HAN HAN.. XIAN XIAN....
gossipping together...
who is good who is bad..

from raphael gonzalez jacquez ...
till the formation of ronaldinho henry beckham...
the three greats of youth 7...
creating album.. planning programme...
scoring A's together...

soon lovebuds struck us ...
and we blossomed into loving birds..
each having our own pair...
and together...
we done many stupid things..
hiding and fearing...
soon... fate took a huge twist on us..
and we too remained bachelor.. for some time...
we went through the deepest moment of life..
agony.. despair... grief...

so we go on...
we keep growing..
and distance also started to grow..
soon we parted ways...
3 main roads to uni..
all conqured by us..
we have to pay....
utp matrix f6....
3 roads.. 1 dream...

to pursue further studies..
we sacrified alot..
our best time together are long but gone
embedded deep in our memories...

we still took the best of our time..
to gather..
and enjoy every moment..
till the latest episode of our life..
HAPPY.. really HAPPY for the period of time..
a huge break from the frantic schedule of medial life....

and now...
it is time..
that we part ways again..
distance are much further..
than any we once had..
HAPPY may just be our final memory...
though you may pass by me tonight...
and tomorrow you'll be far apart..
we will be far apart..
in this world...
pursuing our dreams...

though heavy hearted,
it is inevitable...
the day has come...
upon us...
we predicted this from the beginning...
now we are just facing it..
it's just years of stong bond and feelings..
that i shed tears..

the best of our memories..
from young till today...
shall notbe erased..
till the last breath of my life..
and those HAPPY times together..

i do believe..
one day ..
one place..
one time...
we shall meet again..

may luck fall upon you..
and all the best..
4 zhi..
yong bu yan bai..!!
henry beckham ronaldinho....
HAPPY always...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

oh my god... a busy busy month ahead.. really busy....

get through it...
yong bu yan bai