Sunday, July 26, 2009


indonesia is coming...
rain is coming...
amsep indonesia... finally you're here..
after weeks and weeks of preparation..
days and days of suffering..
so much obstacles..
so many problems..
drawback after drawback..
setback following setback...
now it is the time..
this is our time to shine d..
many of us are down..
but not out..
many are taunted by the merciless virus..
but we shall prevail..

to those who has fallen..
be strong and climb up fast..
to those who are stricken by virus...
you can conquer it..
we have strong immune system..
to those who had injured themselves..
get well soon and have enough rest..

to everyone...
be in top form and all the best for our amsep activity!!

good luck... =)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

cough cough...
cough cough..
ah chiu... chiu.. ngiok ngiok..
cough.... cough...
oh my god.. whole house coughing.. like a trend now.. new fashion..
even setapak them are following this new trend..
cough cough cough couhg..
soon to have one week break.. hehe..
cough xouhg.
couihg.. cough////
pain throat.. cough.. fever..
help us..!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

found a correlation between weather and emotion and health...
haze. bad weather leads to bad mood and bad health.
sick.. grief.. haze...
no scenery.. no smiles.. no health..
pls return to normal weather..
thanks god`

Saturday, July 18, 2009

a series of unfortunate events.

yup.. it is almost the end of the week. and this is the time to reflect.
reflect what you'd done and what has happen in this whole week.
just as in PPD.
well. this is certainly a week to forget. as my title sounds. really many mishaps occurred.
1st. it started with the great sick of jacquez..
from hypersensitivity to stomach ache to diarrhea ..
next, my lucky stars seemed to be covered by the haze of kl skyline.
as i no longer can gaze through the sky anymore..
it is so hazy.. and dusty. cough cough..
unfortunes really fallen in love with me for this whole week..
my gf fall asick.. quite severe.. went doc twice.. my housemate too.. went doc..
then, everything i planned turned out to be at wrong ends..
birthday party totally out of planned and wrong timing..
buddy aghast for my lack of time for him.. and always ignoring him..
csl doc give my group a huge bang for our inexperience and misbehave.
the one and only light in my toilet burnt and i can't use my toilet anymore,
usually at nights where i am in great need of micturation
my roommate got irritated by YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS..
my close pal seemed to have troubles yet i've no chance to talk to her..
the bookshelf i wanna buy is sold out..
no time to spend at home with housemate bcoz of activities...
the sky so dirty and hazy that i can't gaze through it anymore.
and i repeat..
haiz.. such a miserable week..
everything was upside down..

yet. there are some pro's beneath all the gloom traumatising me..
her condition is getting better and i hope she'll get well soon..
the party turned out to be a success at the end.. thou it was a bit late..
i'm still in good mood despite all the dampening situations..
.... .... ....
that's it. what else..
recently many ppl are emo. can see some in lecture hall today.. some from the whole week . some on thurs only especially girls.. some at home..

many ppl get sick too as virus are concuring mankind ,leaping to a greater step day after day.
hopefully, everyone can be strong..
this is a tough period. hard stage..
i hope that everyone . everyone can be strong..
preserve though this unexpected stage of 1st module only of 2nd yr..

the sick can get well. the moody can put their smiles back.. the agonies can be strong..

there is always a saying.. and this time is for everyone..

yong bu yan bai !!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

distance has separate us apart..
words are getting scarce...
laughter has long gone..
miss those good old days...

stress has conquered us..
anguish and agony...
both took full control..
like a strong batallion of army

so little is what we had done in the past..
so much is what we haven't done in the future...

unfulfilled destiny...
undone promise...

challenges seemed tougher..
obstacles looked higher...
a mountain we need to climb..
many more valleys waiting to be crossed...

only the tough one will succeed.
but who is the tough one..?

monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday..
everyday is such a tough nut to crack...

standing seemed to be a hard option now..
as the fallen is coming to take revenge..

no more crackling laughter among us..
no more sweet voices uttered out..

appealing to be heard..
is the voices of my heart..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

went to see doc today..

doc said no big deal..
but i think is a big deal..
still pain..
agonizing pain..
oh my god..
what is happening with my stomach...
hope omeprazole can help me..
this is what the doc said..

Monday, July 13, 2009

sicking weekend


i've stomachache
incubation period one or 3 days
then pain again..
is it menorrhagia?

tak tau..
diarrhea everyday also.
bi li pe le bi li pe li..
just like a shit..
going to die if persist like this.

yesterday went hkl..
allergy.. rash whole body..

sick sick sick..
sicking weekends

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

redefine yourself..

sometimes i wonder. what should i do what should'n i?
it seems nothing can be perfect.. but human always aim for perfectionalism
when there is a will there is a way..
but it seems..
way too hard..
way too much..
and you'll eng up jeopardising yourself..
once i wondered..
is it too much.,.
or too little...
it is better ..
to do nothing..
nothing than everything,..
the more you do..
the worse it is...
it is indeed...
you creat problems for yourself..
mayb is just a tool...
in life..
to plod on...
and no wonder..
it is so hard to find true..
and to be true..
even if you strive..
you may end up being
the wrong person...
better done nothing..
as nothing means excellent..

wrong is normal..
but it seemed i made too much of it..
till forgiven is no longer a choice..

only way..
is to keep silent..
hide yourself..
and end your role..
no more trips
no more party
no more celebration..
no more gathering..

just focous on your activities..
finished it.
and stop taking responsibility..
you;'re not a natural leader
not a natural great hero..

go hide in your room and study...
DON repeat your failure in 1st yr,.
or you'll never stand up again..
i wonder..
if i'm the inactive type...
what will i be now...

if i don't go the extra mile..
if i don care for anything..
if i just remain silent..
if i hide myself in others shadow..
from the beginning..

i'll be a better friend..

to the 7 of you...


Thursday, July 2, 2009

as i gaze through the pitch black skyline of kuala lumpur, i can feel somehing is different. yup. indeed. staying in a new place with numerous characters of housemates is indeed something i'd never experienced before. as soon as i first stepped into my new house, 'vistana' nothing except a full inch of dust appear in my eyes. sorrow struck my spine and fear took full controll of me when i 1st caught the sight of my "new" home.. well.. then come the war.

war against the dust and dirt. we clean and clean and clean pack and pack and pack.. 48 hours.. it took us almost a full 48 hours, 7 strength of weak and weary soul fresh from holidays to just clean this small and miserable house. well. it turned out to be something fruitful..

things went as i planned. washing machine, fridge, wireless.. everything was set up and done as soon as we glide through the 4th day of life in vistana. new fridge new washing machine. wow. indeed an incredible experience..

then, summer always does not last long. suddenly, 7.2 magnitude large earthquake rocked vistana, making 7 of us scrambling madly for breath and life. losing hope and options, we do everything we can but to no avail. hoping against hope, everyone was trying badly to curb the catastrophe. unexpected one.. nope. i think it is expected.. as the cool and suave dark guy just stood aside and watch this scenario like watching a movie in IMAX..

the earthquake subsequently subside and soon things change. skies start to clear and sunlight is shining again.. in the darknesss of KL nightline, the gimmer of KLCC can be seen, shining through the darkness of eerieness. proving she is not fear of anything surounding her. not even fear. the fear of loneliness.

life. indeed is a roller coaster ride, a ride never ends.. till you breathe your last. the choice is in your hands. you had made yours. and regret is not a way to torture yourself. since you'd chosen the road not taken, be strong and bear through all obstacles that stumbles upon you. deep inside yourself.. you'd not changed at all. you are still the same old jacquez. as strong as you might see yourself. find back your true self. your personality.. everyone has high hopes on you. and you know who you are.. nevery say die and never allow defeat to take advantage of your soul..

it is a path of life. this is your path of life.. your destiny. yourself. maybe you are far apart from what you want and everything that you think may bring happiness to you, but there is always a silver lining in the clouds. rainy days will pass soon and blazing sun is coming to burn your soul.

prevail my dear friend.. you're who you are. there is always a saying..

yong bu yan bai. .