Tuesday, September 9, 2008

as i gaze through the sky.. i could not imagine the colour of the sky anymore..
from blue to white to orange to black and some silver lining...
time passed really fast .. bullet speed..
everyday i wake up in a cozy bed, i realised that another day has passed
well. friendship is very unique..
we may not know how long can it last
it may last for a day
a year... as in matrix
or perhaps eternal...

however, as long as we preserve every sweet and sour memories we gone through,
and appreciate every second and minute we spent.
and not grumbling for the little time we may have..

ukm is now where i am now..
and i'd reached a point of no return
this may be the last hurrah for me

friendship... is special..

fraternity and weekdays..
2 vert special gang in ukm..
we may not know how long our friendship will last
but just try to preserve it as long as possible

it is almost inevitable that all of us will stay in various locations next year
maybe 3 or 4 different places..
but just hang on to our friendship
as long as it may last..


joonyi said...

kaka.. then i think you should treat your 'gangs' better.... or else they'll forget you...
but dun feel tat sad, pertemuan da perpisahan memang biasa, wat comes will goes eventually... ^^..as long as we dun forget each other then tatz ok ( dun luin luin think, i'm not gay, tell you sin)

joonyi said...

*will go

kee tat said...

although live at different place,still can meet de ma..still can hang out together de la..
dun think too much 1st la..
weekdays n fraternity sure will last forever de...haha..

Anonymous said...

jacquez say..
nothin is forever one..muz remember.. even shakespeare sonnet 18 will fade off one day

alison said...

friendship is indeed a wonderful thg tat ever happens to our life,bt sometimes it comes too conveniently tat v forgot to grab hold of it n it starts to fall apart when no one realizes....tat's pathetic...
however,one good thg is tat u realize it soon b4 it fades,so with all our mights,tis fraternity n weekdays r gonna last eternally in watever sense.