Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Final is looming and the feeling is starting to haunt him..
What feeling?
Haha.. definitely not agony or depression anymore..
It is worry now.. a lot to worry
And sure
He has a point to worry..
His performance since entering medical school has not been so promising .
And well.
He is not very hardworking.
Not hardworking enough compared to others.
And guess what..
He has not even started his revision.
Still struggling to do pbl and other homework..
Coping with current lecture has also been a huge mountain to climb for him.
And.. hmmm..
There something that he found out..
Secondary school : among the best in Ipoh
Matrix : among the worst in Malaysia
Currently : among the top in Malaysia
No wonder he felt so hard to keep up with those people around him. And also keep up to the billing..
Seems like more effort are needed.
But after having honeymoon year in matrix. Will he rise up to occasion again?
Need so hard work Jacquez..

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weekends said...

dun so sad is like appreciate her lo..