Wednesday, October 22, 2008


shocked !! good experience.. wow.. awesome.. be better prepared next time.. or else. dead meat.. precise and concise.. that's the key..

actually... have another feeling.. this kinda awkwar and weird feeling..
can't really describe it. but try my best to voice it out.
recently. undoubted.. happy is the major feeling.. but sometimes. some mixed feelings still stirred up inside my stomach..
had rejected pap mc role.. very free. happy.
refuse to join new activities..happy..
do want involve any more. very happy..

today went to swimmin club water carnival meeting..
accidentally joined..
but ended up really happy. very very happy coz can discuss those activities and plan programme. i am the exco programme..
in fact, found out that i'm happy with responsibility and activities to participate..
thes few days.. really seldom joined weekdays..
for lunch or dinner..
felt that relationship is distancing..
never had we really have a meal in full force..
quite miss them just now during dinner though with you..
and so elated when meet them..
got excited to relate my csl experience to them
now only realise i didn't really relate my csl experience to you personally..
weird huh..
suddenly miss life in a group..
just now see hau wei they all one group f6 so happy..
so envy..
hmm... dunno how to really relate out my feelings..
wanna be in big group.. very happy like tat..
183.. 7 fa..

but happy also in now life..
only sometimes miss a big gang..
talking nonsense..
hate nov 8
hate it..
let it be


yiLiaN said...

do you know that what makes you happy and not disappoited to be with friend with some people? i got the answer to this question.

jacquez said...

i do know.. can tell me?

yiLiaN said...

u say u do know then want me to tell u? weird... if i tell u the answer, perhaps u will cry. u ll know as you gathered experience.

jacquez said...

i don'k know ah..

yiLiaN said...

no nid to know already.

nicole Q said...

hey. :)
i've changed my link to