Wednesday, October 29, 2008

appreciate- you may not had second chance

What is the meaning of life?
Why do we exist?
what is the purpose of human existence in this world?
Do we really have a mission or a task to do?
Or just simply exist to complete the livings things in the Earth?
Life is so fragile..
We are born. We grow up. We have our dreams. We set out sights. We make our goals. We strive to achieve it.
No matter what happens, the same conclusion appear.
We leave this world.
How many people who can really achieve their goals before they left?
Not everyone.
It is ultimately true.
Some may not even has the chance to see the fruits of his effort and he left.
Some. Even worse. May not even have the chance to strive.
Fate is cruel.
Life is cold blooded.
We may be reaching the peak of our life and all of a sudden a downturn happened and we drop ravine deep.
We may think we are in the best of form and suddenly every bad luck struck like an uncontrollable epidemic
We are in the greatest moment of life but suddenly fate play a trick on us and we lost our loved ones.
How can life be such cruel? Without any sympathy and empathy and any feelings.
Life is cold blooded. But humans are warm blooded.
Well. Speechless.
It is fate and nothing we can do on it.
Not even the great human being. We can’t fight god. We can’t fight fate. We can’t even really fight cancer.
Life is really brief
Anything can happen
So unexpected
So sudden
So unpredictable
It is so scary.
It was just like yesterday I met her.
And all those nice moments
She is a good mother.
A kind hearted human
So fast
So abrupt
So sudden.
Not even having the chance to bid farewell.
i still remember the way u called my name
i still remember the spagetti you cooked for us
i still remember your smile. your healthy and jovial face.
i ....
why must it be you?
why life is so cruel?
why is this happening?
so short
so young
so fast
so brief
it is totally unacceptable.

Never will I forget the moments we’d gone through together.
Thank you for everything..
Didn’t realize tears can be shed for her too.
Empathy perhaps Dr would be?
The deepest condolence I bid to him
A very heart full of sympathy and empathy.
Be strong my friend.
Fate is cruel but we are always with you.
4 zhi.
Yong bu yan bai.
Rest in peace..

p/s : love your parents and everyone beside you. you may not has much time with them left. take this opportunity to say..
mum dad i love u..


yiLiaN said...

parent of my frens passed away too. also cancer. things just unpredictable and perhaps only God knows.

jacquez said...

haha.. you won't und. i'm quite close to family to his family too. anyway i'm ok,thx

joonyi said...

death is something that is unevitable.. It's part and parcel of life, part of our life cycle(someone told me this last time).
me, sure i dun understand how you actually feel but if it's just about death of someone close, then the story is different.. But glad to hear that you're ok ady...

Jp said...

Humans are meant to live on this earth to their fullest. Death is just the beginning of the next journey. Never see death as the end...