Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HAkun@ mAtatA~~

hakuna matata.. it means no worries.. for the rest of your life. went to a place to relax myself. and enjoy. away from those problems of daily lives and worries of haunting nights. wow. this place is awesome. the very moment i stepped on the ground. cool chilly breeze gently touched my face. the air. is so soothing and refreshing. no wonder i liked this place so much. and the voices of the nature. birds chirpping. insects sound and waterfall cascading down the solid hard rocks.. painted a tranquil beauty of mother nature that made me exasperating for more mesmerising scene..

and the food. wow. must mention. strawberries. strawberries and strawberries.. everything is about strawberries.. ice cream. yoghurt. pie.. scones. do u know what scones is? haha. must try it one day. it is sumptuous .. something that is out of the world. and what else..

most imperative. the atmosphere. i really like the atmosphere here alot. no worries no troubles. it;ll be better if i can just off my phone and relax.. too bad.. many stuffs haven do and can't just be so irresponsible..

yay.. it may be quite bored up there but sometimes can take a break from the hectic schedule and tense ur muscles while refresh urself in this wonderfull place..

moreover.. those flowers are such a beauty too.. nope.. minus tat one with tat black charcoal face..kaka.. and what excite me the most in the eerie silence of the night is..... FOOTBALL!! wow.. i got to watch a football match again after so many months of isolation from that idiot box--tv.. not one. but 2 matches .. really happy n enjoyed myself alot.. except for the temporary interuption of unwanted obstacles in my highly anticipated 183 trip.. however.. problem should be sloved by the great 183 now i think.. hahah..

so.. in a nutshell.. a perfecet place to enjoy and relax...


yiLiaN said...

ya, indeed cameron is a nice and refreshing place, but the journey on bus up to the hill really makes ppl miserable.

jacquez said...

who ask u take a bus wo? drive a car up there.. just 45 minutes only. use ipoh simpang pulai tat way. fast n not curve also. easy..haha

yiLiaN said...

ya, right. u really got me? u think it is 45 minutes from johor to cameron? u r really good in maths.