Tuesday, September 9, 2008


finally.. it is the end of holidays. and the end of my boredom.. and can go back to uni.. hope for more adventures and excitement awaiting... weekdays.. haha.. weekdays for weekdays.. weekends for weekends.. haha.. awaiting those hungry moment at my room in midnight where i can eat supper once again with my roommate. and those time where he study non stop whereas i sleep non stop.. haha.. lecture?.. hmm.. i'm anticipating.. to sleep in lecture hall again.. so long nvr do that.. so umcomfortable.. moreover.. want some football. leg has been itching so much that i can't wait for the next football match.. wow.. seems many adventures looming.. excited.. can't wait to go back..

1 comment:

yiLiaN said...

your legs itching ar? be aware.. maybe u got infection at your leg. hmm... u must be wearing your stinky socks too long.