Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a visitor, not a passer by

stridding into another pathway of life, you came upon my life.By luck or by fate, we meet up and soon foster close relationship. From somebody with great abilities and confidence but a nobody in kmm, ur presence turned this nobody into somebody. Let it be rain or sunshine, thunder that roared throughout the night or lightning which flashed upon the dark blue sky, you are always beside me. Assiting me,who was gasping for life in this once strenuous life. sweet and sour we had tasted together, laughter and cried we experienced, pain and joy we gone through, nothing haven't stroll past our life in kmm..we meet godfather gang together.. meet 2 great creatures together. experienced the hardest time in kmm together. learned the meaning of life together. from the very day i stepped in, your invaluable help guided me. To meet new friends and cope with this new life. Once i was a butterfly, out of cocoon and fly away, forgetting the caterpillar and cocoon process which made me what i'm.. Once i hated life in kmm, the unbelieveble food, the special people and bizarre thinking inside the college, the unique rules there. I struggled to live, but your presence saved me. from getting chocked in this special place. i'm so greatful.. that you all are there. beside me whenever i'm in trouble. Your selfishless help, your intelligence, your great thinking, your toleration.. was so great.. the moment we started our first meeting.. and signed out agreement. till we meet those 7 creatures. then setback from my selfishness almost ruined our friendship. luckily. there were still gap for us to reconciled. not huge holes that are impossible to cover it up.our OPERATION. our base. our monthly celebration. our huge attack. our excitement from pak guard. our rainbow song.. our sadness together.. we shed tears together from the tear of heart and share feelings together from our past. the blood we bled from injuries. the hairstyle, the big head, the singer, the blur king. the dota king, the intelligent. the tackle.. all were so nice and invaluable...
shaped my life
coloured my life
filled my life

nights of sadness are inevitable and infinite.. but you always beside me, leading me towards the days of laughter.. outing. steamboat had become common.. but everytime had a special meaning.

even the last in the icy cold of mexwell hill.. was the best.. the greatest..

never giving up to be a visitor when i merely treat you as a passer by, teaching me lessons of life, consoling me whenever i'm upset,
the device was an important communication for us. handphone is such a marvellous creation..
i'm sorry if i'd angered u
i'm sorry if my plan was not good enough
i'm sorry if i nvr did my best
i'm sorry if i treat u as a robot
i'm sorry if i nvr reply true heartedly
i'm sorry if i nvr appreciated our friendship
i'm sorry if i can't life up to ur expectation
i'm sorry if i nvr appreciate our friendship

it is easy for us to meet up. but hard for us to separate.. as 183 is a legend. 7 flowers too is a legacy..
u r not a passer by.. but u r a visitor.. you came into my life before.. and leaving soon.. but you are keeping a part of ur album with me.. your album of life..
i'm sure..
you will visit me again...
as i'll visit you too..

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