Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more than a stepping stone

kolej matrikulasi melaka
a place i hated so much
i want to stay in sam tet
to pursue my dream
and get what i want
why must i go there
i've no choice
everyone wants me to leave
i hate this place
the people are so bad
the rules so weird
the custom so bizarre
i hate it i hate it
i jus wanna finished studying
get a 4 FLAT
and leave
vowing not to look back
and bid farewell to those ppl
those friends and teachers
u are all a stepping stone
a passer by in my life
we shall not meet again

i found out i fell in love..
with this place..
as the days are numbered
the fragrance of flowers gettting tensed
the food taste out of the world
the air was so refreshing
the people were so kind n friendly

i realized then..

i can't let it go.
feelings started to took controll of me
i can't..
i found out i can't
this place embedded into my heart and soul
i can't forget it..

why must i have such strong feelings for kmm
coz it formed a part of my life too
and path the way for the rest of my life.


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