Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a new chapter

what my friend said is really true. there are some thing that u can't get rid from your life..he quoted "when u play in the beach, you grap a hand full of sand and then u let it go. you may think that u have let it go. but when u went home. you found sand on ur shorts.. sand inside ur pockets.. or even sand on your skin.. " no matter how you ought to eradicate it from your life. you will find out that it will still stick on you..
because there are something that cannot be erased.. until Death found you. or you found Death..
it is feelings. humans have feelings. even animals have.. memories will fade but it will not vanish.
the more you struggle. the more pain you feel.. maybe it is time for this thing to call it a day.. for it to settle.. maybe there are benefits behind this happening.. for the bird to release itself after a long time kept inside the cage. it is time for it to be solved. finally .. the is a full stop to this neverending epic.. finally. it can be ended.. it may not be in the nicest way, yet it is not the cruelest way of all.

it is time to plod on to the next chapter of your life and close the previous chapter

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