Wednesday, June 18, 2008

memoirs of kmm

do you still remember?
the day i stepped in to the cafe.. cafe c it was called..
a group of humans were staring at me.. with weird eyes..
as i'm a newcomer in this neighbourhood..
the flies.. so many i can't even count it.. on the food being sold..
but i still forcefully buy it. as u told me to buy the food and taste it..
i still remember .. the 1st cup of sky juice i had in cafe c..
i was so reluctant tat time. but u told me to get it. and it is free..
the water was so dirty.. but i still gulped the whole cup of it..
i still remember.. the smiles every guy gave me.. '
they lined up.. and introduced themselves and greet me..
the feeling was so warm...
do u still remember? the time we 1st went jogging together..
under the cloudy skies..
in the bizarre atmosphere..
surrounded by curious eyes..
we went for the jog.. with a friend..
and we reach the field..
that was the 1st time i stepped into the field..
being a football avid..
i stormed into the group of people playing football
and left u sitting at the steps alone with her..
and i played my 1st game of football in kmm..
the feeling was exhilarating..
in the darkness of a monday night..
i walked into the icy cold library..
with my pal from sam tet..
and i saw you..
together with 3 other people from taiping..
i broke the rule for the 1st time in kmm..
and for the very rare time in my study life..
we decided to skip those orientation talk...
and there is where our friendship began..
that very night..
we found out we were successfull in changing classes..
we jumped in joy and fell into the sea of happiness..
u were wearing shorts..
another college law broken..
but we were too happy to bother about it..
do u still remember?
the time came when SPR announced JPP election will be held..
you are the 1st one i consult
and u gave me the green light..
and u gave me the support too..
the moment of truth began to appear in my life..
in a twinkle of an eye.. i realise one of my pal was also challenging for the post..
i was exhilarated once again..
because of you..
the whole gang came to help us.
2 helpless stray cat..
being poured help unselfishly from so many people..
especially girls from AMC>.
thx alot to you once again..
and that is the time where our friendship began to bud...
and the roses have started to blossom..
our banner...
i remember.. was hung proudly...
in between the post in those lecture halls..
and the rain fall at the right moment..
forcing everyone to walk through that part..
coincidently noticed our banner..
and those red yellow posters..
were our colours throughout our life in kmm..
then came the manifesco night..
and the applause was thunderous..
the roar...
the cheer...
the support...
the acknowledgement..
was so perfect..
that our hand language..
flipping hair has become a typical sign of support..
i was how much could i win...
not even a glimpse of defeat appear in my mind...
and came the results....
I .....

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