Monday, June 22, 2009

time moves fast. as soon as we just blinked our eyes.. 2 months have gone. indeed it was so fast that i barely able to recapture what had i done for the past weeks. 2 months gone and we are going back. back to where we stride our 1st step in uni life.
one year gone and the 2nd yr is anticipating us.. it is reality that it'll be much tougher than the first.
then. all of a sudden.. they came across my mind.. as the going gets tough.. the tough gets going. will i be tough enough? will we be tough enough? how many of us will win the merciless battle this time? by hook or by crook... we must win. as the future is laid there. just a few footsteps away..
new life.. new hope .. new determination..
it's time.. revenge of the fallen..

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joonyi said...

XD.. yea... i stil haven't have enough fun yet. T-T..... XD.. anyways, see ya when sem break's over.. ^^