Thursday, June 11, 2009

i started wondering.
whether i'm who i am.
i still could not find my lost self.
and i don't know how.
so many years on,
i am still searching for it.
and i can't.
and find the very pertinent element
and it seemed that it has to be eternal.
i doubt myself..
i hate myself..

seemed to be cruel
to mankind..

seemed to be harsh
to me..

i lost my words..
i lost myself..

i surrender..
i give up...

close fail..
end case..
the end..

i don't know what else to utter..
disgust disgrace...
i hate it..


-y3an- said...

=) =) =)

hc said...

oi! u har where got so pathetic!
stand UP straight and walk like u did in masangin.

be happy =)

Jp said...

We are still in the part of our lives where anything can still change.. Just like what happen to me during matriks.. But always keep in mind that it is the never give up spirit that keeps us going. Other people may not say it out loud, but at 183, we say it out loud and with togetherness... YONG BU YAN BAI!