Sunday, April 5, 2009

i have a dream

many years ago, there was a great hero in the west. in the country christopher columbes found. in a great land. D418. that was the time when the hj were badly oppressed by siang.. because the ppl of siang think that they owe the room and hj should not stay in that land. hj do not have much opportunity. in every part of life, politics, economy, social or whatever. they are oppressed and not being given same rights as siang. but then stood one great leader, he said. i have a dream. and his dream was to unite hj and siang. that time, his quote was taken as a joke and noone believe him. everyone think that he is joking and talking nonsence. much much many years later, when man can conquer the space, rise one great leader. he proved that change is what everyone can do. he is the 1st hj ppl to be the leader of room d418. that proved the great leader's word right !! though it took many years to happened indeed. change we can. here came a dream of a simple guy, wishing to unite greats of same kingdom. we as the descendants of the dragon should not have any sore feelings and anguish amongst each other. the birth of a dragon should be celebrated by all phoenix, not those from the same kingdom only.. as the main person of the day is the dragon not the matter how deep is the rivalry between the phoenix, they will also unite in that day just to celebrate the great day of the what they hope is the best moments for the, one of the descendant of the dragons, too have a dream.. a dream that all blood will flow together in a stream forming a great river that unite to transform into a stong waterfall that will swipe away all rivalry and dark history.. sincerity shall prevail.. united. we can make a difference.

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Anonymous said...

wow. you still have time for this. You are one talented guy in performing arts and director.