Saturday, April 18, 2009




原来,患难见真情是对的。在困难中,你才会找到真正的朋友,真心的朋友。那些所谓什么上刀山下油锅的死党,生死之交,都是废话一大堆。大难领头,大家只会各自飞,那管你整样。更何况,现在都不是什么大难,只是有好处而已,就有福自享,大难陷害你。这种那么没有道德的事情,竟然在以后未来救人族的党派里出现?!! 哈哈,好可爱的一群妙手仁心,以后还想拯救世界,散播爱情,造福人群。荒聊,一切都是荒聊!也许我没有资格去批评什么什么人,所以,我是在骂自己。


Ish.. hard to write in mandarin. Long time didn’t write in mandarin but really can’t contain myself anymore. Time is a scarcity yet I really want to find some time out here to lash out on those people. Really can’t understand. Why people can be so selfish so stingy? If you done something that does not bring harm to others but bring benefits to you, it’s ok as humans always reserve the best for their own(except our parents) . but if u done something that bring severe damage to others just to give yourself some benefits. This is unacceptable, unthinkable unforgivable. Because of what you had done, people become homeless, thousands of ringgits thrown away, given to the wrong people, just like you go to sea and dump 20 RM50 into the sea. How can u done that?

Humans are really evil soul. Mean soul everywhere. Pls beware when u mix around. CHOOSE THE RIGHT FRIEND. use your heart to see people, not eyes. Fortunately I found and thanks god u guys are the rightful friend that truly value what friendship are and what brotherhood is. congrets to those who rathere give up a better place to stay just to remain with friends, to remain in a gang in a group. Thankn you . you guys really save what little dignity that mankind almost lost it. and those who unmoved by better offers coming around, you too preserve the sincerity of friendship and salvage the names of medic student.

5 years, 5 more years to come, there is a long way to go… if u had already started making enemy in the 1st year, life will be thoroughly hard on the upcoming years. And if you had spoilt your name and dump your credibility into rubbish bin so early on, it is incontrovertible that you will find hard to get something. Something that is most valuable. Even more valuable that 4.0 in exam. What I called friendship.. greatful to have weekdays and others that treat me as one of your friends =)
Thou I’m totally unscattered in this HOME storm as my housemate has no problem, I deeply sympathize those who had much suffer this few days. Those tears shed, those heart ripped, those friendship broken and lost.. I wish that u guys can stand up strong and there is always a sunny day after a storm.. good luck in your finals and all the best.. !!

A person who cares, who hopes for peace


wednesday said...

yah..maybe a challenge for those who kena by this “KTSN 1 disease" and also a lesson for we all..
we all so lucky,have some good friends around us..
and i also salute for those people who really really keep their promise..
wei..hj,u also dun 8 so much lo..
study many time blogging..

p/s: "KMM Gang Is The Best"..this is what kent said..haha =D

Ielane said...

Love this post! Hehe.. And I'm really glad to have u all as my friends.. =)