Sunday, March 15, 2009

It’s another gloomy night as my close friend came visiting me again. I do now know why it is so often recently. It’s a hatrick scored by him.3 days in a roll.

haiz.. this word kept on come out from my mouth.

how? i do not know..

emotions are high.. have to controll myself.


just lash out here.. don care..

Life has certainly been full of thorns recently . admit it. I’m certainly not enjoying my life now. Hate it. everything I planned ended up in a mess. Fine. No more planning. Sometimes really think that I’m stupid. Felt tired. Exhausted. Don’t want to live in a life of everybody. Wanna live in a life of my own. Don’t want to care others. Stop all those planning to make a group clicks. Stop all those thinking to wrap up your friend. Stop everything to seal friendship. No one appreciate it.. NOONE.. stop wasting time. Redang trip for all chiness? What a great joke. Wasting of your time. Phone bill and effort and also money. Just go home and be with your parents. That will be more appreciative. And rightful too..183 trip during our holiday?? Well may work but you’ve lost your zeal to plan anything, let it be.. a weekdays trip during holiday? Enough.. no one is agreeing with your idea. No need to do extra mile. What comes on goes on. And leaves too.. activity activity activity non stop working. Do you think you are a robot? !! stop it !!

If you keep on like this. Definitely you’ll fail your exam. Enough thj.. no more bull shitting. Concentrate on studies. Put everything aside… work for yourself. No more care for others.

how you fare your formative? you know it. you know how you do it. worse than anything

how many questions you do not know ?

you may not want to unveil it. you hv lost it certainly.

lost your brilliance.. are you going in for exam or colouring..?

go back to kindergarten.

you can colour better at that time.

a shadow walking amongst the shallow lake..

thinking you may drown yourself but end up creating a joke of yourself..

angry of many things.. if only i can be emotionless.. no need care so many things.

live one day happy one day save one day.. can we do it?

such irony..

think of yourself. care for your own.. friendship relationship? forget it..


kee tat said...

wah..dun think so -ve..
be can do it de...
yong bu yan bai..

cyin said...

"Rainy day ended up with colourful rainbow"
Nothing come without hard works, dont give up !!

hc said...

because you care...