Monday, July 28, 2008


how bored can class be? as i graze through the plastic ceiling on top of my head.. i realised that it is not a plastic ceiling. what is it? i do not know.. i only know that i'm very tired and exhausted recently.. day after day of strenuous practise for the upcoming musical drama have taken my life out of me. the energy left in me is a scarcity. however, the enthusiasm that is burning inside is just building continuously. i'm starting to doubt myself. how much time do i left? indulging in so many activities is indeed exhilarating. but. do i have the capability? yesterday i almost broke down practising singing and guitar. seemed that it is almost impossible for me to master such a hard skill in such a short time.. i doubt myself.. i started to question my ability.. i'm just a normal human in fact.. i can't be a complete person..

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