Wednesday, July 8, 2009

redefine yourself..

sometimes i wonder. what should i do what should'n i?
it seems nothing can be perfect.. but human always aim for perfectionalism
when there is a will there is a way..
but it seems..
way too hard..
way too much..
and you'll eng up jeopardising yourself..
once i wondered..
is it too much.,.
or too little...
it is better ..
to do nothing..
nothing than everything,..
the more you do..
the worse it is...
it is indeed...
you creat problems for yourself..
mayb is just a tool...
in life..
to plod on...
and no wonder..
it is so hard to find true..
and to be true..
even if you strive..
you may end up being
the wrong person...
better done nothing..
as nothing means excellent..

wrong is normal..
but it seemed i made too much of it..
till forgiven is no longer a choice..

only way..
is to keep silent..
hide yourself..
and end your role..
no more trips
no more party
no more celebration..
no more gathering..

just focous on your activities..
finished it.
and stop taking responsibility..
you;'re not a natural leader
not a natural great hero..

go hide in your room and study...
DON repeat your failure in 1st yr,.
or you'll never stand up again..
i wonder..
if i'm the inactive type...
what will i be now...

if i don't go the extra mile..
if i don care for anything..
if i just remain silent..
if i hide myself in others shadow..
from the beginning..

i'll be a better friend..

to the 7 of you...



yiLiaN said...

dear tuesday,

you are now banned from thinking such way. i want to go kingdom of time to find a wizard, seal your mind from thinking like tat. just be yourself. if anything you feel bushuang, just voice it out, don't keep it in your heart. if ppl take you as a good fren, but you don't think that you are, that's of no use. ppl think so because they believe in you. you are definitely a hero. you are born as a leader. you really are. and i am grateful that i know you.



hc said...


alison.monday said...

you are as great as the way you are now!no one can deny on the deeds u did n especially you shouldn't yourself!!yilian is rite,the way you're thinking here is way too dark and twisted,don't wander off from the person you really are ok.we will be as supportive as u can ask for if you need us!!=)

jacquez said...

try my best..