Friday, February 27, 2009


Suddenly feel no mood to do anything.. and realized that I’ve a blog.. so.. a strong feeling suddenly push me to write for a blog amidst this hectic and busy week. Very very busy recently.. till I do not have time for myself. And my books as well. Bogged down with several assignments and presentation, I really started to feel choke and gasping for help. Titas.. medicine and society presentation coming after ppd presentation, associated with several mega projects such as 4kl, amsep, east amsc, water carnival.. I can really feel the burden hitting me harder and harder. Almost fallen down and collapse.. well.. I’d collapsed today.. went straight back after class without having lunch.. slept for whole afternoon from 12 smth till 6.. really tired.. exhausting..
All of a sudden… I miss my family.. miss my friends back home.. recently keep on have reflection of my past.. matrix spm life… weird… it has long past.. but keep on thinking of it..
Wanted to go home badly… need to take a break from everything.. really burnt out..
Studies have long been left out of my timetable.. and my list of to be done everyday..when only can I start my studies? As a result, my formative… haiz.. fare badly in my formative as my counterparts all did very well.. really.. could not find time for myself…
Miss my home.. home sweet home…

getting emotional than ever for this year now.. tears will never be shed easily..

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