Saturday, November 29, 2008

have been more than a month..
i have not touch you..
i have not seen you..
i have not use see you.
you are kept..
deep inside..
you are kept..
surrounded by loneliness and despair.
i do not have the chance.
i do not have the time..
and the long wait has finally came to an end..

today i have finally got the chance
to see you once again..
to take you out
from the dust..
and i can operate you once again..
my laptop..

oh how should i manage it?
i mean my inbox..
it is flooded..
not with messages from friend..
but many many notifications messages and so on..
finally i can on9
and write a blog..
how long has it been since i last wrote?
well.. final exam just over..
actually NOT realy over.
but many said it has over..
as my results is worse than ever ( i expect)..
so it is over..
i mean i am finished..

so with ospe left everyone is in holiday mood..
and i am certainly looking forward for my holiday with holiday..
however.. my holiday will be without holiday as i will be travelling away..
far far away..
once in a lifetime opportuniy to Europe..
the weather is freezing now..
hope i will be enjoying it..
even without holiday..

hope holiday will be happy and enjoying also.

hmm.. suddenly FORCED to shift to another place..
this place is already occupied
so have to squeeze..
so sorry to the original residents here..
after sem reopen. still have to stay for 2 weeks..
b4 can go back to my actual room in hostel..

miss my room badly..
and all my belongings are scattered everywhere..
in 3 malay rooms.. in kt room. in my place here.. and in dunno where d..

so.. what should i express out?
not much feelings recently..
just that exam has passed..
and i realise something
you have to strive to get what you want..
i have not done enough..
ya.. i have strive..
but not enough yet..
to get an excellent results..

next sem have to change..
if only i can ..

suddenly feeling emo..
dunno how to explain..
actually i know why..
but inappropiate to say out..
so just it be...

friendship...haha.. forever.. =)

yong bu yan bai!!

1 comment:

joonyi said...

ok ok, you dun have to write such er, eh, 'geli + yuk ma the things geh.. it's just a laptop.. ^^
at last you updated your blog... lolz.. i thought you'll only be writing one after final sem, but my guess wrong dy...lolz... since you wrote such a long one this time, i'll feel bad if i dun write my comments longer so i'll be putting a lot of crap inside.. lolz...
wei wei wei, typo, error, wrong dy, not in kt's room lor, in yingyi's room lor...kaka..
concerning about the 'not appropiate' thing, haha, guess you;ve to bear with it.. ^^.. YONG BU YAN BAI....